Gartner Group

Gartner Group Advisory Services provide a strategic view of technologies, products, and vendors in the information technology (IT) field. Research includes current trends, product discussions and comparisons by vendor, case studies, and strategic planning assumptions in many different areas of IT. State agency personnel can contact the Assistant Director regarding the use of Gartner Group services.

Gartner Group Research

Gartner provides research reports on a vast array of information technology subjects. All of these research documents are available on the Internet at their site. Visit the Gartner Web site at to perform keyword searches. If you find research that would be of any value, please contact the Assistant Director for instructions on downloading the documents.

Gartner Analysts

Gartner provides access to thousands of information technology analysts throughout the world available for teleconference calls at your request on any subject. If you wish to have a conference call with an analyst about a specific topic, then contact the Assistant Director by email and include a brief description of the specific issue to be discussed or problem to be resolved. Be specific enough to ensure that the appropriate analyst will be scheduled. Analysts are available for general discussion but they will also review short bids, responses and contracts if provided ahead of time. After the initial inquiry is sent to Gartner, they will assign a reference number and respond with optional dates and times for an analyst conference all. Those options will be forwarded to you to select the best date and time for your call. After you have selected your teleconference date and time, your email response will be used to schedule the call. You will receive an email confirmation of the analyst name, date and time of the call, the number to call and the call reference number. The Assistant Director will have to initiate the call to establish you as a State of Alabama account.

National Association of Chief Information Officers (NASCIO)

NASCIO represents state chief information officers and information resource executives and managers from the 50 states, six U. S. territories, and the District of Columbia. State members are senior officials from any of the three branches of state government who have executive-level and statewide responsibility for information resource management. Representatives from federal, municipal, and international governments and state officials who are involved in information resource management but do not have chief responsibility for that function participate in the organization as associate members. Private-sector firms and non-profit organizations may join as corporate members.

NASCIO's mission is to foster government excellence through quality business practices, information management, and technology policy.

NASCIO's vision is government in which the public trust is fully served through the efficient and effective use of technology.

NASCIO further promotes the effective use of information technology in public sector by publishing extensive standards and guidelines developed by Committees focused on specific issues relative to State government technology. These publications are the basis for some of the State’s policies and procedures. States may also solicit information from other states as part of a listserv.

Agencies wishing access to information from NASCIO may contact the Assistant Director.

National Association of Telecommunications Directors (NASTD)

NASTD is a member-driven organization whose purpose is to advance and promote the effective use of telecommunications technology and services to improve the operation of state government. NASTD represents telecommunications and technology professionals from the 50 states, divided into four regions, and the private sector. State members provide and manage state government communications services and facilities for state agencies and other public entities, often including hospitals, prisons, colleges and universities. These members also play a strategic role in planning and shaping state government communications infrastructures and policies. Corporate members provide communications technology, services and equipment to state government. States may also solicit information from other states as part of a listserv.

Agencies wishing information from NASTD may contact the Assistant Director.

National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC)

NSGIC is an organization committed to efficient and effective government through the prudent adoption of geospatial information technologies (GIT). Members of NSGIC include senior state geographic information system (GIS) managers and coordinators. Other members include representatives from federal agencies, local government, the private sector, academia and other professional organizations. A rich and diverse group, the NSGIC membership includes nationally and internationally recognized experts in geospatial information technologies, data creation and management as well as information technology policy.

NSGIC's Mission is to promote statewide geospatial coordination activities in all states and to be an effective advocate for states in national geospatial policy and initiatives, thereby enabling the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI).

NSGIC advocates the benefits of geospatial technologies and data that can only be realized through intergovernmental and private sector cooperation, coordination, collaboration and partnerships. The current NSGIC Advocacy Agenda is available online.

Agencies wishing access to information from NSGIC or information from other state GIS programs may contact the Senior GIS Coordinator.